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Adding an email alias

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An email alias is a function which allows you to have multiple email addresses under one account. For example if you have the email login as [email protected], you create an email alias called [email protected]. All the emails destined to [email protected] will now be delivered to [email protected] mail box.

To create a new email alias, click New in the content pane toolbar. To edit an existing email alias, click Edit in the content pane toolbar. The email alias settings will load in the content pane and the following options will be available:

  • Name - The name of the alias. This name will be used to create the email alias address. For example, if you named the alias "info" and the domain was "," the email alias address would be [email protected].
  • Disable greylisting - Select this option to disable greylisting for the email alias.
  • Emails - Type the full email address(es) of the users who should receive the messages sent to this alias.
Note: Even though an alias acts as an email address, users cannot login to an alias like they do a standard email address since no email is ever actually stored for the alias. Emails are just sent to the list of addresses provided for the alias.

This function is only available to domain administrators

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