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How to modify PHP settings values ?

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Due to the PHP default values, you may run into occasional out of memory errors. To overcome this you will need to implement a local php.ini file with a PHP value settings that you need to change.

For example, if you want to change the php memory_limit ...

There are two ways to modify the values.

Method 1)
Using the PHP Selector inside cPanel; On the PHP Selector page, you will see a link that says Switch To PHP Options. Click on it and it will bring you to the options page. There you will be able to make changes on some of the more comment values. Hit Save when done.

Method 2)
If you need to modify an setting that isn't on the PHP Selector page then you will have to create a php.ini config file.

To create a php.ini, simply use the File Manager inside cPanel then create a new file named php.ini.

Inside your custom php.ini file, place the following line of settings.

memory_limit = 512M

Once you have the php.ini saved, you will need to place the php.ini file in the same directory where the php file is being loaded.

For example, if your index.php is being loaded then you will need to place the php.ini file in the same directory of the index.php.

If you are trying to change the value of the admin portion of the script, let say the admin section is in public_html/admin

Then you will need to place the php.ini file inside the public_html/admin directory.

Special Note: If you use the PHP selector to change your php value settings, you will not be able to use the php.ini file.


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