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How do I pay my invoice(s) ?

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If you have a overdue invoice, you can pay via the following methods.

1: Log into our Client Dashboard

2: After you have successfully logged in, there should be a "My Invoices" link under the Billing tab. Click on it.

3: A new page should appear, for any unpaid invoices. The "Status" of that invoice will be marked as "Unpaid". If you wish to pay for that unpaid invoice, just click on the "View Invoice" of that particular invoice

4: The system should bring you to a new page with the invoice in printable format. On the top right hand corner of that page, you should see the balance of that invoice. Beneath the balance you should see a drop-down list with the different methods you can pay the invoice with.

Once you have selected the method you would like to use, just click on the "Pay Now" button that is below of the drop-down list. The system should now forward you to the payment processor you have selected.

Alternatively you may click on the direct invoice payment link in the invoice email you have received.

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